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Consultations Available

Oneness Business includes everything you have otherwise split into categories of personal, professional, spiritual or social. Don't be afraid to cross borders within your sessions.

Oracle Sessions

As an oracle, I hear the version of your story in oneness. Then you object and I follow what is true for you until you have exactly what you need. This can take many forms as you weave together the most unlikely threads. 


Counselling Sessions

With degrees in counselling and sociology, I am equipped with all the standard listening skills. Consider me your Curator of Curiosities.


Mentoring Sessions

Whether you're starting a business, changing jobs, brainstorming a project, or simply working to re-arrange your life, it doesn't hurt to have an eclectic professional in your bag of tricks! Wouldn't it be nice to be heard?


Your O'Biz Story

Cut through all the crap and just work on what's going on for you right now.

Let it all hang out with someone who will never make you right, wrong or incomplete. Include everything in the one conversation and get great insight on what you actually need. Cross the borders between tech, design, parenting, psychology, relationship, gardening, health, spiritual guidance, mindset, and more without skipping a beat.

Imagine the whole world saw business, relationship, personality & spiritual life as one. What's the first thing you would do, and why? Monthly Edition: Everyday Qs from a oneness perspective.

What's the Difference?

In order to distinguish between oneness and attachment to outcomes, we enter the mist of not knowing to ask one question.

In the beginning, we collect quotes and philosophies that lift us up. Then, as we put them into practice, one idea appears to clash with another. At some point we choose between a path toward the known (valued outcomes), and the unknown (sacred now). The thing is, we usually don't realise...

Online Experiences Available

As part of my consultation work, I have been asked to design do-it-yourself, choose-your-own-adventure products that clients can come back to time and again. You will find them here!

the Perfect Present

$123.00 AUD

Everything is perfect. Exactly as it is. The question is, are you ready to be loved for exactly who you are? And...

Yes Please!

Oneness Medicine

$250.00 AUD

In this programme, you'll explore life without answers or reassurance. You'll discover what it really takes to trust ...

Coming Soon!

Mystery of Mastery

$50.00 AUD

  You see how people show up in your life as perfect for their purpose in some situations, and want to be able ...

Coming Soon!

the 10 Commitments

$10.00 AUD

Whatever you're committed to, is serving you perfectly. Explore the ten top principles people beli...

Yes Please!


$15.00 AUD every month

For this project, I've taken a selection of popular wisdom of ancient and Eastern origin and re-written the...

Coming Soon!

6 Month Mentorship

$1,599.00 AUD

Spend six months revealing the Living Master you already are. Work with the Curator of Curiosities to make ...

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Melanie Brockwell Dip. Couns., BA Soc.


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