Having trouble being around people today

I am experiencing "having trouble being around humans".

This will not make sense today. It may not make sense for a week, a month, or a year. When it does make sense, the explanation will simply affirm that I am already awake, interconnected and on purpose (no matter what the experience of this moment). This feeling does not define me. It is simply a quantum wave function of this moment as an equal and essential expression of the Divine. I will do what needs to be done, think what needs to be thought, and allow as much as what I am will allow. Nothing more can be asked or experienced than this. I Am.


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Remember that scene from the Peaceful Warrior where Socrates is impatient with the spiritually inclined but nice to the greedy want-more richie-rich guy? That's what the universe is really like. It makes no sense if you're looking for reasons that seem fair and consistent.

But you know that already, right?

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