Why Deva Avatar?

more information Nov 29, 2017

I have been labelled many things. Deva Avatar is the one I am being asked-pulled to use in this place at this time. It was the first label I was given to describe who I am as what I do, and it's the one I have the least information about.

A Deva Avatar meets those who want to know that there is another explanation for what's going on, with an angel's script. I offer what you might call a gentle version of events to those who ask why we do the things we do, why we feel the way we feel, why our life is the way it is, why the world appears the way it appears, and most importantly, why it's so hard to see that we are all one.

A gentle version of events allows us to simply be. Rather than asking us to replace the existing story, we have the option to see what is, as an angel might. Angels don't give people lectures about being misguided, nor do they believe the ego is a bad egg. Angels love our wholeness without conditions and without exception.

A gentle version...

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3 Ways to Encounter Oneness Business

more information Nov 24, 2017


Oneness Business is pioneering an alternative to the causal picture of the universe. An alternative steeped in trust and responsibility for activists... for victims and perpertrators... for students and teachers... for spiritual seekers... for anyone who knows there's more to life than suffer, solve, celebrate, rinse and repeat.

There are various ways to encounter Oneness Business. The main access points are the conversation, the process and the cosmology. For a delightful introduction to oneness I suggest you sign up for the Perfect Present, it's where all the concepts become daily experiences in your life (and you get live session calls as part of the deal).

Here's more about each encounter:

Oneness The Conversation, is in podcasts, articles and webinars. It's where you'll get Angel Scripts you can use to understand and navigate what's going on in your business, family, health, head or heart from a place of...

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