Hey there! I'm Melanie, the founder and fellow of Heart Alchemy, and it's my job to ask "what do you need?"Melanie

In order to do my job well, I need to know who you are. I need to know your real life stuff (not your, wanna be when I grow up stuff). And I need you to trust yourself enough to explore the unknown with someone who will never make you right, wrong or incomplete.

That's how Heart Alchemy works.


How Can I Help You?

I don't "help" because you don't want another powerless relationship that positions you in need. What you want, is to work with someone who appreciates the reality of your whole unfiltered, undiluted, undifferentiated existence with a focus upon the peculiar practicalities of Being You.

How Heart Alchemy
Simplifies Your Experience

At the moment your experience is complicated (or mysterious). Perhaps the world seems like a disaster zone, or your relationship isn't what it could be, or the family is driving you nuts, or your career falls way below the 'doing what I love' line, or your self-love is in need of a top up...

...Whatever the story, the Heart Alchemy process reveals invisible aspects of what's going on so that you can operate from a place of simply being. It's not a trick you learn. There are no steps to follow. And I make no promises you cannot keep.

It's hard to tell you what it is because right now you're scanning for the 'benefits' and 'solutions' but Heart Alchemy is an alternative to the problem-solution paradigm. It's how the Masters live - without assumption, agendas or aspirations (aka attachment). And once it applies, it applies to everything and everyone in your life.

How Simplifying Your Experience
is Different to Changing or Achieving Outcomes

Most offerings are designed to fill a knowledge gap. Heart Alchemy does not see you as faulty or unwise. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Everything you do is proof of your wisdom. If you cannot see that, then it's invisible for a reason (not because there's something you have yet to learn)...

...Chances are whenever you've tried to understand why you can't see the wisdom of your wholeness, the strategies available offered solutions to the problem - You! And even when you followed the steps or made the changes, the self-trust you worked toward remained an unrealistic ideal.

Most offerings are looking to correct an imbalance. Heart Alchemy is focused on the reason that does not make you right, wrong or incomplete. You are already awake, on purpose and interconnected. Let's explore how to understand what's going on for you, when we accept your innate perfection for real.

Most offerings identify your needs for you. Heart Alchemy makes no assumptions about anything. It is solely your responsibility to lead the way. Only your interpretation of what's happening matters. And only your sense of truth is relevant.



Ways to Encounter Heart Alchemy
(The Conversation, The Process and The Cosmology) 

Heart Alchemy is pioneering an alternative to the causal picture of the universe. An alternative steeped in trust and responsibility for activists... for victims and perpertrators... for students and teachers... for spiritual seekers... for anyone who knows there's more to life than suffer, solve, celebrate, rinse and repeat.

There are various ways to encounter Heart Alchemy. The main access points are the conversation, the process and the cosmology. For a delightful introduction to Heart Alchemy I suggest you sign up for Your Perfect Present, it's where all the concepts become daily experiences in your life (and you get live session calls as part of the deal).

Here's more about each encounter:

Heart Alchemy The Conversation, is in podcasts, articles and webinars. It's where you'll get Angel Scripts you can use to understand and navigate what's going on in your business, family, health, head or heart from a place of unconditional love and compassion. When you've come to the place where nothing helps, access these materials like oracle cards and fairy dust. They offer explanations you will not hear anywhere else. Powerful interpretations for Living Masters already awake, on purpose and interconnected.

Heart Alchemy The Process, reveals your true reflection as one field. Rather than a hierarchy of selves – ego, persona, higher-self, soul and actualised or enlightened self – Heart Alchemy is able to understand all aspects from oneness. You'll get insight on how to know thyself, love thyself and be thyself when there is no more social or spiritual norm to guide you (just as the Masters do). And you'll reveal your own methods of being with the responsiblity of freedom which so many find overwhelming. Access the processes offered as often as you feel to and you will not be alone, exploring the unknown.

Heart Alchemy The Cosmology, is the physics of One Field. It is to navigate all things as Spirit manifest and to live each moment as your conversation with the cosmos. Ultimately the cosmology comes down to this – regardless of where I find myself, I know that we are all living masters and it is all synchronicity...

...It is rare that I will ever explore the cosmology with you. Heart Alchemy is not about converting you to a new belief system. It is about you being at peace with the one that you have, the one that you know is true for you, and that ticks all of your boxes.

What's the best way to access this material for free? Sign up for the Living Master Series

About Melanie Brockwell


Heart Alchemy was founded by Melanie Brockwell, DevaAvatar and Living Master Mentor. Melanie offers products and services that are so unique, we are yet to develop a vocabulary for them. The series of online resources and private sessions have been compared to petitioning a seer or accessing counsel from Angels and Ancients.

You'll relish Melanie's ability to see connections where others see contrast and opposition. This is arguably the most important thing Heart Alchemy offers you, an alternative to treating your self-life-world as a problem to solve.

Much more than a means to an end, Melanie has invested thousands of research hours and chosen an unwritten truth to bring about a system of knowledge that can be applied to your:

  • Health
  • Business
  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Community
  • Government
  • Relationships
  • Human Resources
  • Self Awareness, and so on.

Heart Alchemy is a syncopated theory so flexible that it can be re-purposed for just about any scenario you can think up, and Melanie is here to curate the curiosities of life, the universe, and everything with you at the helm. 

Why Deva Avatar?

I have been labelled many things. Deva Avatar is the one I am being asked-pulled to use in this place at this time. It was the first label I was given to describe who I am as what I do, and it's the one I have the least information about.

A Deva Avatar meets those who want to know that there is another explanation for what's going on, with an angel's script. I offer what you might call a gentle version of events to those who ask why we do the things we do, why we feel the way we feel, why our life is the way it is, why the world appears the way it appears, and most importantly, why it's so hard to see that we are all one.

A gentle version of events allows us to simply be. Rather than asking us to replace the existing story, we have the option to see what is, as an angel might. Angels don't give people lectures about being misguided, nor do they believe the ego is a bad egg. Angels love our wholeness without conditions and without exception.

A gentle version of reality is one where you need no silver linings because everything is sacred. Being able to operate without borders in the world as it appears, is an interesting concept that we rarely experience. Instead of making yet another goal for your life, this work is about how you are already awake, interconnected and on purpose (even if you don't live up to anyone's standards, including your own). 

Together, we will do whatever it takes to make sense of whatever you need to make sense of. And we'll do it without ever pathologising or blaming or clearing or fixing or healing or upgrading or transforming or reconnecting you or anyone else. 


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