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H2BM is an unconventional reply to the Q, "How do we live together and honour our uniqueness while simultaneously ensuring that what we each value is of equal worth?"

Is This For Me?

A long-awaited alternative to our Problem-Solution approach to life, H2BM is sure to pique the interest of counsellors, parents, empaths, teachers, activists, and universal children everywhere!

The first in a series of interactive online publications based on curious compassion inviting us to encounter life as a conversation, H2BM won't be lost on those at the cutting edge of non-dual philosophies and business practices.

What Will I Learn?

Strange as it may sound, this book does not teach any practices or idealise any single perspective. Instead, Curious Compassion offers a way to be in the world from any perspective and recognise the #Medicine of who you are without needing to fix, change or heal anything (unless that's your thing).

It's a dynamic allowing that defers to your wisdom about what is important, what is happening, and what comes next. And since it is based on inherent balance, there are no outcomes to promise or improvements to work toward. You simply trust that this is for you, or you carry on seeking "the answer".

Either way, you are where you are.

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