How To Be Medicine: A Guide for Living Masters

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The Book

A twelve-part, thirty-six chapter colossus dedicated to reuniting all that has been torn asunder. One field physics, medicine, relationships, business, parenting, spirituality, and more. Everything rewritten without borders so that you can be and do as one; so that we can all live together and honour our uniqueness while simultaneously ensuring what we each value is of equal worth.

Who Is H2BM For?

  • For therapists who want to work outside problem-solution psychology.
  • For empaths who want another explanation for feeling beyond borders.
  • For leaders who need an inclusive and dynamic modus operandi.
  • For parents who wonder if there's more going on to be guided by.
  • For anyone looking to change the world with intuitive activism.
  • For children of the universe who know no other way to be.
  • For human angels who experience in an unspoken language.


What Will I Discover?

The truth is, only you know. We each get what we need from the experiences we have, and there's no telling what you'll discover in your exploration of Heart Alchemy© the cosmology of angels.

Chapter By Chapter

Part One: Living Mastership

Chapter 1 Remember Me?
Chapter 2 Pathfinder of Oneness
Chapter 3 The Ultimate Invitation

Part Two: Heart Alchemy©

Chapter 4 The Quantum Map©
Chapter 5 The 3 Paths
Chapter 6 Love

Part Three: Life Is A Playground

Chapter 7 The Joy of Uncertainty
Chapter 8 Recognising Friends when there are No Enemies
Chapter 9 Lucid Dreamscapes of a Living Master

Part Four: Purpose

Chapter 10 My Soul Motivation
Chapter 11 Are We There Yet?
Chapter 12 What Is My Job?

Part Five: Remedy

Chapter 13 Kotodama and the Medicine Wheel
Chapter 14 Creative Relish
Chapter 15 Energy in Motion

Part Six: Suffering

Chapter 16 Pain Is Your Friend
Chapter 17 The Language of Stress and Mental Illness
Chapter 18 The Science of Feeling Better

Part Seven: Trust

Chapter 19 Letting Go
Chapter 20 But Why?
Chapter 21 God Help Me!

Part Eight: The Dark One

Chapter 22 No Filter
Chapter 23 Deep Listening
Chapter 24 Learning to Be Me

Part Nine: Judgement

Chapter 25 The Competition Model
Chapter 26 The Loop
Chapter 27 The Problem-Solution Paradox

Part Ten: Triggers

Chapter 28 Authenticity
Chapter 29 Highest Good
Chapter 30 Ego

Part Eleven: Going Solo

Chapter 31 Love In Action
Chapter 32 The Gift of Grace
Chapter 33 Permission to be Happy

Part Twelve: the Perfect Present

Chapter 34 Supernatural
Chapter 35 How Does This Empower Me?
Chapter 36 The Missing Link







the ExperienceThe Experience

  • Live calls with the author to discuss each chapter, including how it came about and what it really means to live it.
  • Experiments from the book delivered to your inbox every month to keep you focused on whatever's important to you.
  • Social media closed group access to share your ongoing narrative.
  • Videos and MP3s to supplement your reading material - esp. useful for getting alternative explanations.




Why Give This Away For $349?

This has never been about the money. I charge what I am asked to charge, and $49 is all I'm asked to charge for the work of a lifetime, trusting that we are all exactly where we need to be with everything we need to be who we are.

How To Be Medicine is about what you need to be who you are. What helpers need to help, what leaders need to lead, what parents need to parent, what change-agents need to change, and so on.

It's about the difference between having ideals and living them, as much as it is an everyday guide to know thyself, love thyself and be thyself no matter what. Until you fully experience the process, it's difficult to explain - like describing the taste of strawberries to someone who's never had one.


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