the 10 Commitments Online Experience

This is your opportunity to discover the principles that guide you.

Not only will you come face-to-face with the beliefs you affirm in thought alone and those you actually embrace, this process reveals the perfection of that. No matter which commitments you do/not live, it's all perfect and we'll show you how!

Excerpt from I Love & Approve of Myself:

"Tune in to the commitment that you have made.

Are you living ‘I love and approve of myself’ or does your everyday tell you that love and approval are something you are working toward?

Take a breath. Be honest.
This is not a test.

You are tuning in to what your wisest most dutiful aspects of self have been committed to and they don’t need your judgement, they need your surrender. They need you to see them as they are and know that they are perfect. They have been working very hard for you, asking for nothing in return, and now is your chance to give them a little appreciation for getting you exactly what you want."


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